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Here i go again....

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Hello everyone.

I have gone and done it, i bought a 126 bis in a bit of a sorry state, but i hope over time to turn it into a beautifull swan :D
Problems: gearbox is broken, rest of the car is pretty tattered, but it has potetntial and is not rusted thru anywhere.

Plans: complete restoration, plastic delete and chrome all around, new interrior, a working engine and gearbox.

Time - frame: Forever :D

Wish me luck.

Kind regards, Gordan.

Hi Gordon,  :welcome  Back that will keep you busy for a while  ;D

Thx Pete, oh boy will it... Just had a poke around, its pretty solid...

Good luck!

Love the timeframe  ;D

Nice one, great project. How's the missis feel about it or is that included in the time frame?


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