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Over a period of 6-7 months I drove past a little green 126P parked in town which was being used as an advertisement for a breakdown recovery service (speaking with the last owner this was apparently effective). The sight of the little car plumped on an island between two roads leading to and from the town centre with advertisement decals over both passenger sides windows and rear window seemed like a sad demise to such an iconic car. I often thought of leaving a note on the windscreen to ask if the car was for sale but didn't have the nerve.

Fast forward a few months and I didn't think anything else of the little green car as it eventually disappeared. I searched on a popular private car sales website in the hope of finding a 126. To my disbelief there it was! The little green 126 that I saw in town for months was for sale. So now we (me and the wife) are the proud owners of a 126P 650ELX.

We've since stripped off the decals and over the next year(s) we're hoping to recondition the car inside and outside. It has been in the UK for the last 2 years so the bodywork isn't bad, I've seen a lot worse in some German made cars.

So a big Hi to everyone on Club126! We hope to share our experience with you as we work on our Maluch (with plenty of pictures) and hopefully you can share your knowledge and experience with us.

 :welcome to the club, Look forward to seeing a thread in "Your Restorations"  :D 

Rusty's Uncle:


Welcome :)


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