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Steve J:
Hi Everyone,

Well I know it's not technically a Fiat 126 but it is a cousin, so I'm hoping it will still be welcome here... (even if it just stands at the side of the room looking slightly embarassed!)

As I'm sure everyone will know the UK market only saw the Cinquecento with either an 899 or 1108cc engine. Back in Poland however, buyers there were treated to a rip-snorting 700cc version powered by the 2-cylinder water-cooled engine from the 126BIS. As a long-time Cinquecento fan was I intrigued when one of these popped up for sale on ebay for breaking in Lincolnshire. To cut a long story short, I saved the poor thing from the back of a windswept industrial estate in Lincolnshire and have begun the process of getting it recommissioned and UK registered. I don't suppose there are too many (or indeed any) of these on the road in this country, unless anyone knows different.

Although I'm familiar enough with the usual 4 cylinder versions, the 2 cylinder engine is a complete unknown to me, so I'm hoping I may be able to call on some mechnical expertise on this forum as things progress. The car does run and drive but needs a far amount of fettling before it turns a wheel on UK soil for the first time.

I'd be very glad to hear of any other members in the Notts/Derby area.

Steve  :D

Hi Steve welcome to the Forum they certainly a rare beast over here, the Bis engine is almost identical to the 700CC with a few upgrades and as I recall runs anti-clockwise so they could turn the engine round to work in FWD,

Steve J:
Hi Pete, many thanks for the kind welcome.

The guy I bought the car from intended to remove the engine and use it in his 126... until he found that out it spins the wrong way!


Hello Steve,
I am looking foreward to following this project, good luck!

Btw what do all those wires do? Its basically the same engine but it looks much more complex...

It wonder how many part are different from the 126 engine, I believe the rocker cover is alloy which the bis does not have.
Good luck with getting it back on the road.


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