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Decent Local Garage
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:19:08 PM »
New to this forum really, been doing a lot of lurking.

Having just bought a house, mine and my Dad's old project is gathering dust in the garage and I simply don't have time to be doing the work on the BIS that I's like to be doing.

Considering, taxing it and getting it into a garage to get the issues (that I know of) ironed out, then I can tinker with stuff as long as she's roadworthy.

Local to Baildon, West Yorkshire - any suggestions for garages or mechanics relatively local that have 126/BIS experience would be greatly appreciated.

Potential issues:
- Serious judder/lurch when changing gear/releasing clutch
- Slow leak off the gearbox (could be source of judder if dry? Cars been sat dry stored for years)
- Infernal buzzing/vibration that might be an exhaust mount, maybe
- Intermittent fault achieving a spark

Cheers for any help.



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