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steering conversion from left to right

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hi just thowing an idea out,is it possible to convert the steering from left to right,in my mind because there is no engine in front it could be a  go'er,anybody tried it cheers

It’s still a very complicated affair but yes it could be possible. You’ll need to cut a new hole for the master cylinder (unless you buy a complete new RHD inner panel which you have to remove the wings and front panel to fit) and also new holes to be made for the steering column to pass through and all the mounting points for the pedal box to mount to. Then you need a RHD steering rack which could be the hardest part of all as they are rare.

Hi thanks for your info i knew that there would be all the holes and fittings and dash to cut in but thought it might be simpler than some cars because there is a right had model to inter change and maybe some info showing to two cars as they are ,i just thought there would be some one who works on the 126 who knows them inside out ..... still thinking about it but like you said its getting the parts at a price to make it worth the trouble ..... cheers

They're that small on the road that it really makes no odds being sat on the wrong side of the car!

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 The rhd conversion has been done before on a 126 and compared to a modern car it would be pretty straight forward.
 As Gadge said your biggest issue would be the parts availability. The steering rack and also a rhd conversion seems to be a popular choice within classic 500 circles so a rhd rack and pedal box are desirable items.
 Stick with lhd. At least you'll have somewhere to rest your left foot :P


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