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Fiat 126 Gearbox rebuild


Hi, I have a 1990 Fiat 126, due to a very noisy gearbox that I’m struggling to get rebuilt, any suggestions. I live in the midlands. Thanks in advance for any help.

Rusty's Uncle:
When you say noisy gearbox is that in all gears or just the dreaded 1st & reverse that is wrecked ?
If you have got some spanners and a Haynes manual you could do it yourself.
If that is not possible then you need to be very careful about who you choose to do the work as you might end up with a 4 figure bill for the work. Some parts are very hard to get hold of and some so called garages do not have the knowledge to fix the gearbox. Is it a Bis or air cooled car?

The 1 st step you have to do is a change a first gear and complete set of bearings


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