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the possible future of classics


was looking at you tubes and came across a vw bug
what a way to keep the classic look and use.
if won lottery (am guessing this is expensive) would you consider this modification,

would you be able to insure and be road legal.

find this interesting to use our classics in the modern world of electric power and the thought of cheaper road tax, solar generated power to recharge the car, must be good.

there must be negative to every positive, and am assuming  the negative is the time to recharge, against the mileage covered. with the initial upfront costs involved to do the conversion.

the positive is to keep the classics on the road rather than be scrapped and just being pictures in the future.


Nice find ;D

Rarely seen

Great idea, motor is too small though. My Hurco Tm10 lathe at work has a 30hp motor and it's not that large, I reckon you could get it in a 126 engine bay!

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