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A pre warn of a restoration sale
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:07:58 AM »
Its with great sadness am going to have to sell Freddie,  :cry: had Freddie for quite some time, was to busy working, then as you all are aware I had pains and health issues, which stopped me drilling those weld points on wings front panel and the cross panel where boot lid is supported and mending that hole drivers side under window. we did try restarting the project but again was stopped by pain and fatigue.
This last week health had me in emergency, which showed another 3 issues to deal with.

 I can report all seats, seat belts with there bolts, internal door panels, carpets cleaned, engine parts and engine with new clutch fitted, gearbox with new drive shafts and rubbers, head lining, headlights, wings and front panels, front hood carpet and various parts have been stored in a back room with access to heating.

Freddie has been outside undercover, the dash is still together and the wiring not been touched. Freddie was moved November and reversed back to parking on concrete on a string mid November it was the high light of the year even sat on 2 blocks of wood with the engine and gearbox not installed;D

the engine, has had crankshaft bearings and shells, a new sump with  water pump seals installed, a new oil pump shaft with cog, new crankshaft seals and a newer crankshaft oil pulley because the old one had cracked,
there is a new mechanical fuel pump attached, the rocker cover has a new seal and the tappets were adjusted cold with feeler gauge,
the exhaust is new painted with heat paint, and has new gaskets
the timing chain and cogs were replaced with new, engine not started but was turned over a few times by hand!! with 10w40 Castrol in.
The head has not been removed.

there are in a box 2 new spark plugs, coil pack ht leads, amongst a new sensor earth cable, and new starter, with copper headgaskets

there are new to be fitted:
metal brake lines
brake master cylinder
fuel tank and filter
gearstick gaiter
front panel
winker panel
sheet metal to make that centre panel
a new water hose
new wipers and arm,
a door panel storage
door mirrors
and some rather snazzy chrome bumps ;D
there might be an air filter, and some door handles.

the gear box was taken apart to tighten those  loose screws, there were new seals fitted the new drive shafts and booties were fitted but you may want to check the crown wheel and pinion gap, we did set it, but your most welcome to check again while it is disconnected from engine, the gearbox currently  is back together has 10w40 in to keep the cogs lubricated, with 2 new mountings.
Again thanks, Rusty's uncle helped by supplying those detent springs that were in need of replacing.

am remembering all this but will look through the boxes and take photos when able.

there was all the original rubber seal from the hood and boot in a box, a spare tyre, some gutter trim, and a preowned heater (for some reason it was missing a heater and a brake bottle the bracket is still to make),

my aim was reliability, hence all the new parts, and why kept standard.

the areas I hadn't bought parts for were the suspension, brakes flexi hoses, steering.tyres

A hoping Freddie and parts will sell as one lot.

Thanks for reading will post again when have a better list, there are some pictures and a more in depth write up of what has been done in the restoration area  'Freddie'

the starter and exhaust were birthdays presents but are more useful to the car, ;D

its upsetting that I wont get this done, but there you go.

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Re: A pre warn of a restoration sale
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2018, 05:14:21 PM »
Sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you are on the road to recovery.

Find the strength to put the car in a sellable state to ensure you get a good price for it. Good luck with the sale!!!


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Re: A pre warn of a restoration sale
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2018, 12:51:20 AM »

Thank you,  ;D for your kind thoughts and advise. ;D

best regards