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Thinking of putting sunroof in my 1991 fiat 126 bis. Fabric fold back kind not plastic. Would it be a mistake? should I keep vehicle original? What does everyone think? Would appreciate everyone's opinion. 

The first point to consider is any structural consequences. If a sun roof was ever a factory-fit option then it will most likely be OK. If not, the next issue is what effect it might have on the insurance, in case it is *perceived* to jeopardise the structural integrity by the insurance company. Third point is, if it theoretically OK so far, where will you get one from? And next is, who will fit it?

I don't know any answers here, I'm just offering a check list to avoid getting half way through, with a big hole in the roof, and no Plan B to get it watertight !  ;)

I've had similar thoughts, using 500 roof parts modified to fit. I spoke with a garage about it as I think it's beyond me and they said "anything is possible..."

An alternative is a webasto style roof which looks to have been done a fair few times, although another company I contacted said it's £1600 flat rate...

If you search for people fitting sunroofs into classic minis it may give you some inspiration - not necessarily what you're after but the BMW mini panoramic roofs seem to slot into them quite nicely.

What's the roof on a 126 deville like? Easiest would be to graft one in Shirley but rocking horses come to mind.

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Bar Vitelli:

I would stay standard. I've got factory fitted sunroofs on my cars, they look cool, are nice to use when the sun is out but rolling the side window down probably gives you as much benefit. When the sun is really hot it's almost better to have the sunroof up.

The price quoted to fit one is crazy. All the parts are easily available to buy for much less and whilst there is some work involved surely it can't be that hard. Assuming those chaps are charging say £25 a hour that would be over 60 hours work!


--- Quote from: Bar Vitelli on June 22, 2017, 10:14:36 AM ---Assuming those chaps are charging say £25 a hour
--- End quote ---

I think you'll find that's Yorkshire rates  ;D (seriously, a few years ago when I was part-based in the Glasgow area I got 3 quotes for exactly the same repair job on an X-type, and I got another 3 in the Sussex area. The Scottish prices were consistently £160-200, whilst Sussex was consistently £300-400).

Main dealer rates last time I looked were around £80-100/hour, and independents around half that - all plus VAT of course. So the rate is more likely to be about £45 + 20% = £54/hour. Plus some of the time fitting will be a 2-man job, so for that time (say 2 hours) that takes those 2 hours to over £100/hour. It soon eats into the total. Plus parts, plus shipping, plus finishing...

Not defending the quoted price as I have no idea of the parts costs, but there is also risk when doing major body surgery like this - if it all goes wrong it could lead to very major remedial costs. A prudent workshop will add a premium to help protect itself from that risk.


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