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Led headlight bulbs

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My lads has put h4 led headlight bulbs in his car and they are nice and bright and also retain the beam pattern so as i have cut slots in my headlights to take h4 bulbs i thought I'd give one a go to see the difference.


This is on my to do list! (Think I'll get LEDs that retain the original colour though)

Is the beam sharper/more defined at the edges or is it just a case LED is brighter?

The light is sharper and brighter and as they are only 25w will put less strain on the electrics.

The beam pattern was good but a little high but i never adjusted the light as i had to give him the bulb back  :D so i'm going to take the plunge in a week or 2 and buy my own set and post up some before and after shots  :) 

ive put led side lights in mine for when it goes back on the road but having it all led would be great- I'll have a look into that!


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