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Hi this is the second time I've posted this hope it works.
Hi I live in Poland, but I'm a Brit, just bought a 126 as a second car for when the Alfa is off the road. 'guess the fiat will get a lot of work'.
If anyone needs and spares for 126 drop me a line postage is really cheap and spares are everyware. (I'm not planning on making any profit just help out if you have a problem)
Will send the membership money this week,Must have the sticker on my car so I don't loose it in the carpark with all the other 126's :lol:

Hi and welcome to the forum!!!

welcome to the club chap

 :shock:  fiat 126's are rear over here in england   :(

Where in Poland are you? Been a few times, love it there, 126s everywhere cheap everything for us Brits too. Im after something, tried to get some in Poland but with no luck. On some 126s there is a plastic or rubber shroud around the headlamp. It fills the gap left around the light, I guess to stop water and muck getting in. I did ask at a Fiat dealer in Krakow and he said they were available but language prevented finding out where from! I could email you a photo of what Im after, cheers.

Welcome dajwid.
I am after a plastic bit that holds a hook onto the throttle cable where the choke connects to the carb. This makes the choke work. I have lost it somewhere, So the car is harder to start now. I don't know the exact name of the part.
It is off a 1988 Fiat 126 Bis.
Many Thanks,


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