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interior panels and engine fired!

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 thought that would get your attention, Ive decided to give my collection of 80's bmx's a rest for a while and turn my attention back to my beloved puddle jumper... after 4 days knee deep in filler dust its nearly done( 2 more patches to rub down and 1 rear quarter and the roof to prime..

and well Im knackered!!! so im looking for a little feedback/ moral support -so check it out comments gratefully recived (be kind though its got to be flatted and primed yet before paint!!!

good work mate,i know how much work involed!,nice bumper hole removel!!! are gna drop the supension at sum point?

thanks -as for the lowering its all planned....... :wink:

Chris Lakin:
wow, thats fantastic Stuey!!!! Its good to see you are still working on it, i cant wait to see finished product  :lol:

deceided on colour?



Thanks chris its going to be the original blue with all the chrome bumpers etc it should look cool... I want it understated so it doesnt look like much has been done on it (until you put it next to a standard one...)

should have it in paint within a few weeks all being well (IE no more BMX/expensive record purchases)


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