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Thanks to my friend Dan for showing me this site.  :D

My first car was a ruby red 1976 Fiat 126 and although I sold her on I still have a very big soft spot for them and hope that one day (space on the drive permitting) I'll have another to cherish.

 :oops: I'm fighting off the urge to bid for this one that is very similar to the one I had...


I'm very much looking forward to browsing these forums and if there are any meets in my neck of the woods I might just come along if that's ok.


Welcome  :D , Ive been drooling over that car too! :roll:

Its the perfect basis for a very nice car imo and not too expencive either.

Chris Lakin:
hi Michelle BID for it!!!! we only live once!!! we have a meet this summer our clubs very first meet, we'll be having a BBQ, it will be held at runnymede (windsor way)everyone is welcome. Where abouts are you michelle? i will send everyone an email about the date when i have confirmed it. i hope you will consider joining the club!! lots of benefits.

Chris Lakin

welcome to the club

good luck with the car  :D  hope you win it



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