Oil Filter Overhaul



The same principle for aircooled and watercooled engines, it tells you in the aircooled manual that you can clean the filter without removing the rear cross member by removing the the rear engine cover. maybe someone on the forum can tell us but I only have experience with the bis watercooled, the pictures are of my bis but the filters are the same.

Warm engine and Drain the oil

Where is the filter (the red thing in the middle)


take off     the alternator belt
jack the engine up so the jack just takes the weight of the engine
undo the clips on the back panel and pull out the distributor wire and vacuum hose
undo the the engine mounting bolt (at the top of the rear panel and remove)
lower engine two to three inch and remove the rear engine mounting spring
disconnect the three wire connectors (for rear lights) 
Remove the four 10mm bolts on top of the rear panel

Remove the four nuts on the inside of the rear panel (two at each end)


slide the whole of the back panel off.
Remove the six 10mm bolts on the filter

remove the filter cover

remove the oil thrower

remove the 32mm nut and deflector

remove the front pulley (I removed the front pulley so non of the crap would fall into the oilways, this can wear the bearings and give you another headache) this is a pic of the filter the first time I cleaned it.

clean all parts and re-assemble
re-torque hollow nut 32mm to 14.7 daNM

use any good quality 15w-40w oil, I use mobil 1 fully sythetic but the choice is yours.

il cavallo piccolo



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