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Disc brakes kit
« on: April 20, 2019, 09:38:10 PM »

This is a kit to fit 1980’s Fiat Panda disc brakes to your 126.

I have a pair of adaptor plates, calipers, pads, drilled discs and hubs. ( see photos)
These are 227mm diameter discs as fitted to the 1980’s Fiat  Panda.

A single thread  in one of the hubs is stripped so would need sorting before use.
I believe these hubs are Fiat 500 ( that’s what this kit came off)
You could use your existing hubs, but I’ve found my 126 hub is marginally bigger in diameter than the ones with this kit. The PCD is the same.
You could grind the edges of your hub, have it trimmed down on a lathe, get a new hub or maybe have a helicoil fitted to fix the stripped thread.

I bought this kit for the swivel hubs that originally came with it.
I already have disc brakes fitted so don't need these parts.


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