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wiring from starter motor
« on: July 14, 2018, 09:49:31 AM »
OK I have read possibly hundreds of posts about various wiring on alternator conversions but not one of them seems to make it clear about 2 wires !

No problem with removing control box and fitting new brown wire direct from the stud on the starter to the B post on the alternator and joing a wire to the green wire to go to the D+ lucar also on the alternator but ..

I have a thick red wire coming throught the new loom and it ends up clost to where the control box would have been... does this join in with the thick brown from the starter to enable it to supply live to the fuse box ?

secondly I have an exiter cable coming from a lucar on the solenoid attached to the starter motor but there is no wire in my new loom ! I am assuming because the new loom is a 500R loom the original car did not have the same type of starter so didn't need that cable.

do I just run a new cable to that lucar to the ingition switch ?

Thanks in advance, it's driving me mad  :o