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Hi there,
My set-up is identical to Ricambio, but I didn't buy mine off the shelf. On Mine the reels are mounted on the rear shelf which negates the need for the shoulder anchor so I removed it.

Also 126 (and most) seatbelts have a little plastic device that stops the belt from being pulled out if it is at the wrong angle. This has to be removed to mount them on the rear shelf.

The only drawback is that having removed the shoulder anchor point, my belts are around 30cm longer than they should be. Fine when they are used, but they don't sit flush against the seat without a passenger.

If you want a plug and play item, the ricambio belts are good, the panda ones area bit different.

The isofix is an alternative to the seatbelt. How thick is the metal on the mini where those parts bolt in? They look like an m6 bolt, there won't be a lot holding them in place on the car. Can you pick up a non-isofix version of the car seat?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply!

Interesting thought re the seatbelts, as I assumed the reel part would bolt onto the pillar. The picture of the mini you linked has the reel inside the rear door card. Would I need to butcher those to mount the reel inside then?

Looking at the Ricambio ones I think they would bolt onto the pillar as I can't see the loop bracket which would go on the pillar (although its not the clearest picture).

RE the isofix idea, these brackets look like they'd do the trick.
guess I'd want to be careful not to drill into the petrol tank while mounting those right.... ;-)
Hi there,
I've fitted rear belts in my Fiat 500 to allow fitting of children's seats.  I have a forward facing infant seat and a high back booster seat.
I can post some pictures once I get home to the car. I used a set of front Fiat 126 inertia belts.

I presume you already have rear belt mounts? I didn't have any so I welded in a set of these:

This would be a good installation for the 126: (Image 4)
Fitting the belts in the door bin, moving up to a shoulder anchor on the rear parcel shelf. You have a bit more rear door bin space then I do in the 500 so I had to do something a bit different.

Those belts should be good. there will be a date of manufacture on the orange label on the setbelts. (Top tip!). If you're happy visiting a scrap yard, seicento/cinquecento seatbelts will also fit.

I'm not sure about isofix.
There are a number of aftermarket kits to adapt a normal seat to an isofix seat:
They use a strap attached to the top of the seat to hold the isofix bracket in place at the bottom. In a crash the weight of child seat is transferred to the rear upright seat, which in turn transfers to the seat mounts. These were never designed to carry an load in a crash.

The bracket could be welded in place to the rear bulkhead, but it will need a spreader plate to handle the load and it may clash with the seat fitting.

I've found a pair of rear child seats fit ok, but it works best with the rear bench seat removed to give some visibility through the rear window.

I want to fit rear inertia seatbelts to my polski fiat.
Can anyone suggest a good source to buy these? Ricambio have some, which appear to be dedicated but are quite pricey at £107. I've found these from a Fiat Panda on ebay as well and am wondering if they would also fit?

Any other ideas?

Here is a pic of the beautiful interior. Looks like there is some sort of sticking plaster over where the bolt holes for the anchors could go... The rear pillars seem to have holes for seatbelts already which looks promising, but I've not prised off the plastic covers yet.

Anyone got any tips for installation?

One last thing... has anyone tried to fit isofix anchors to one of these? Doesn't seem to be a very popular retrofit thing, but seems like it should be quite simple.
Fiat 126 Mechanical Problem Solving / Re: Oh dear.
« Last post by DEYAN IYI on November 11, 2018, 11:22:19 PM »

The Cassetta Abarth includes a bolt with a blocking washer instead of the upper stud.
Fiat 126 Mechanical Problem Solving / Re: Oh dear.
« Last post by michaelodonnell500 on November 10, 2018, 06:26:48 PM »
One of the lower exhaust bracket bolts had fallen out. The one that holds the 2 clamps together which you can't see from the engine bay!

I noticed a new rattle on  thursday. There was a slight exhaust noise on Friday afternoon. A mailer later it sounded like I was driving a Massey Ferguson!

It came apart very easily. Firstly I only put the exhaust on during summer. Secondly I always use brass nuts so they tend to come apart quite well.

The break was simple and there's plenty of metal to weld it

Cleaned and positioned for a tack.

Welded. No prizes for neat welding, but fixed nonetheless!

Back together and ready for testing

Only issue of the day was me trying to slice my thumb off!

Fiat 126 Chat / Re: Ultra Low Emission Zone
« Last post by 126blackbird on November 10, 2018, 06:17:16 PM »
ULEZ is all about making money, low emission zones is an excuse to do so
Fiat 126 Mechanical Problem Solving / Re: Oh dear.
« Last post by Gadge on November 10, 2018, 05:50:59 PM »
Same thing happened to mine DOH!
Fiat 126 Chat / Re: Ultra Low Emission Zone
« Last post by Xylaquin on November 10, 2018, 03:17:20 PM »
What about the other options?
Fiat 126 Mechanical Problem Solving / Re: Oh dear.
« Last post by DeVilleChris on November 10, 2018, 12:06:13 PM »
Hope nothing is seized!
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