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Title: Wipe/Wash wiring
Post by: nalonso on January 06, 2020, 02:21:54 PM
Hi 126ers!

My column switch has in the left side this: WIPE/WASH. I'm wondering if this means that somehow I can connect an electric pump to it. If I pull the bar, it moves up. I've owned a Lada 2101 and another 2107, and in both cases this activates the electrical water pump. I know the 126 does not have an electrical pump, but since it shares some parts with his bigger brother maybe the wire is there... It is labeled "Brevetto CAVIS", and the only reference I found was this [1] (In Russian, but Google Translate works fine there). Also, it only has one step that activates the wipers in (I suppose) full speed, even when I see that there is space up and down to allow movement in both directions.

I saw that there are at least 3 connectors going out from the column, a red one and two in white, but I wasn't able to dismantle it due a security bolt that refused to come out. I would like to know if some has the wiring or at least the purpose of each connector, so I can dig deeper in the connections. I'm trying to avoid to install a push button for the electric pump.

All the best!

Title: Re: Wipe/Wash wiring
Post by: Guldbergdk on January 07, 2020, 10:03:23 PM
Cant you just check if you are getting 12v on the two White when you nove it up/down?
Title: Re: Wipe/Wash wiring
Post by: nalonso on January 09, 2020, 02:52:40 PM
Yes... I did it, and there I get 12V in several pins. I can do that for every connector, with any function, but I was trying to avoid that by reading the documentation... :)

All manuals I have are black and white, so I can't tell what the colors are for the connectors... I was hoping that someone had the color manual, or the experience to tell what connector works for each config....

By the way, all connectors are behind the pillar, so there is little space to dismantle each one to measure...
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