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Title: Wishbone and leafspring bushing flex
Post by: Guldbergdk on June 30, 2019, 10:36:06 PM

Im installing disc brakes on my 126 and are noticing some flex in the wishbone and the leafspring mounting point. Im a little unsure if this is normal? The wishbone can travel a couple of milimeters. Overall i can flex the whole hub assembly some 5 mm (without the tierod being attached, I have an idea that it will stop some of the twisting).

I bought new bushings for the leafspring, but they were to big, so I had to remove the outer metal to be able to pull them into the leafspring. They sit very tight so I cant see its should make a difference. Its (

The wishbone flex must have been there before I took the old hubs off, but im unsure of the leafspring mount, as this was pretty much rusted in place and I had to drill out the bolt and pull out the rubber bushing.

I guess my question is, how much flex is to be expected? I can change the wishbone bushing (or probably the whole wishbone if it wont come off), but I would love to avoid to change the leafspring as I read somewhere that this requires a tool to pre-tension)
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