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found a fiat 126bis  :D

asking about it 2moz
just my luck do 80miles looking for one drive down a road randomly and there is one sat in a garden asking about it 2moz
so if any of you get to strange men asking about ur little fiat 2moz then its me and my m8  :lol:

will keep you all posted

Good luck! and dont waste any time cous someone else will have it!

There was a mk1 escort that i was after the otherday. I put off going and asking about it for a couple of days and when i finaly went i was met with a guy loading it on his trailer! just brought it for a ludicrusly low amount i suspect! I was pretty pissed off with myself for not going earlyer  :cry:

ok we spoke to the bloke

it was his mums from new she put 500miles on it yes 500
then he put 17000 on it and thats all its done
its on a G plate and the inside is mint same as the out side apart from paint fading

it is now ares  :D

gess the price  :roll:

i looked at a mk2 escort estate on ebay and some one went and looked at it and payed ?400 with 1 owner  :shock: theyh are about its just finding them

you never no till you ask so if you see some thing you want nock on the door and ask all that can happen is they can say no.

?100 :?:   :)

Chris Lakin:
BIS, you paid ?250, well done any way whatever you paid Lee,


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