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Wow this french 126 site is great!


Chris Lakin:

the chap who created that site contacted me today, what a fab site!

look at these vids  :lol:  :lol:  mental

it makes BIS13's driving look like an old lady's :D:D

poor 126's though i bet their king pins need greasing often!  :lol:

so thats what happens when you turn the ESP off, been tempted to try it on my Golf to see what happened, but i'll never do it in my Bis :)

oi blondie don t dis my driving , and better still i learnt to drive in france dont you know?

the french do have a certain charm in their driving style :wink:

paul harbinson.:
As do the Italian's.Every time I drive mine I pine for the old country and mamma's pasta....Avere nostalgia di casa  :sad:


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