Author Topic: Weber 26 & 28 IMB Carbs  (Read 10336 times)

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Re: Weber 26 & 28 IMB Carbs
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2011, 10:10:48 PM »
Been a bit quiet on this one for a while , mainly because the little 499ccs beast has been performing well. Reckon it might be running a shade on the lean side as it gets a bit hot with a good thrash on a sunny day.
Maybe nerdie or crazy but the main variables on the carbs are the main and air jets as far as I can see and the ratio between them will determine the mixture of fuel to air . So looking at the stats in the manuals from the early 500s to the later 126s there is quite a variation and mild roller coaster ride. The trend seems to have gone from very lean to a much richer mixture as the air cooled engine developed. Changes in the engine spec and available fuels would have had an influence but looking at the ratios & available jet sizes could give you an insight in the way to go if you are considering any mods.


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