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popped in a wee donation. didnt inclue my username... but its the same as my email. sorry

there is currently a problem with the subscribers and shop sections of the forum.
sorry for the inconvenience...but we are working on it

Chris :)

Hi Chris,
I made a contribution in the third quarter of this year. I will make sure I make an annual contribution. It is probably worth making a list of members who want to contribute and do not mind being reminded when an annual subscription is due.

Yeah perhaps an annual subscription would be a good idea. Still looking into window stickers! :-)

I will be making a donation shortly when I have sorted out by bloody paypal account!


More than happy to pay subscription, Already downloaded some tech stuff from various places, (well, my dad did, i'm new to the net) This forum has already helped me with, sticky accelerator pedal, Sounding like a lawnmower and other reassurances in the past few months, I only joined today. Great forum, don't let people take the piss too much. Thanks to you all, I have been scanning your forum for a while, it helped.


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