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500 windscreen......


Hi, will post this on here as the gremlins attacking the 500 site have gobbled up two previous posts and replaced them with ads for viagra and crazy frog downloads etc  etc :evil:
Well, what can I say! I was removing the screen for the last of the bodywork/paint when the Bubble burst  :( and unfortunately, this is the only bit of glass I dont have a spare of.
Just wondering whether anyone close by had a spare they would like to sell or know of the best place to get one from.
The RAC autowindscreens have quoted me about ?115 +vat, is there anywhere cheaper???
Any help/ recommendations greatly appreciated,


Does your insurance policy have cover for windscreen damage?


Afraid not. The car is very much a project and hasnt been registered in this country yet so I doubt very much whether my policy would cover it.

this company lists them but p.o.a
good luck
C :D

Also try axel gerstl in germany as they seem to hold a lot of stock at quite good prices - email before you buy online or you may end up waiting ages if they have to source one.


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