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Not used them, but may be of use for someone after 126 body parts

Chris Lakin:
Blimey thats cheap! they a Uk company?


Barnsley (nearly classes as UK) :lol:

Over here just bought innerwing about 8 pounds each, the plastic innerwing covers 'supposed to stop muck' were about 2 pounds each.
just to make you really jealous, I bought a lowering kit, springs brackets and even wheel spacers 'used 2 months' sort of new, for 15.00 pounds.
My as new set of alloys 12'' with new tyres, 40.00 set of 5.
I'm really pleased, but still want green-fly's new litle baby, lucky sod.

Chris the carb is really coming, the dozy **** sent the top half only, I will get it off to you this week 100%.

Fso if you read this, send me your address I have your headlight surrounds.

Chris Lakin:
Thanks Dajwid, make sure you send me your address soon, so i can post your membership off to you m8.

Thanks Dajwid  :lol:

Dajwid u got a lowering kit  :o  i really want to get one soon, and your alloys sound nice. Do you think lowering it will help much? as its dirved like a go cart already!!! does it imprve speed/performance?

I have been talking to my brother and we both want to come to poland soon on a shopping spree. Is your farm house set up as a B&B yet?

kindest Regards


Sorry not ready yet, drop me a line before coming over sure I can find something for you. I live in northern Poland Sopot a holiday resort near Gdansk.


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