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Aaaarrgghhhh ... Bis Water Pump Pipe Union

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I thought about getting it repaired but both the smaller outlets pretty much crumble as soon as you go anywhere near them so I'm not sure how sound the rest of it is to weld to ...

Also considered getting one made up out of a block of alloy but soon discarded that idea as having three outlets that need to be water/pressure tight would be very difficult ...

Guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet so to speak and get a new one, Ricambio have them with the sensor for about £200, how on earth can that be justified  :o

Maybe worth getting a quote off a 3d printing company, here's one

Not many 3D printed material can handle 100degree water for an extended period under pressure.

Try searching in poland, the bis was quite popular there. is a good place to look

Is there an option to view in English, I had a look but there was nothing obvious?

Google translate it


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