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timing chain wobble

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Hi there,

I have taken apart the oil filter side of the engine, and I think the timing chain is very loose.
Please correct me on this, should the chain have any play at all?

I've attached a link of a video, so you can see what's going on.

Furthermore, can this play of the chain cause my timing to be off, and misalign itself after I set it up?

Thank you in advance.

I wouldnt suspect a little slack to do any difference. It would mean a minute change in the opening/closing of the valves, but since there is a good deal of time the valverods are not being engage by the cam, I doubt it would mean much. Somebody with more knowledge might know better.

If you talk about timing of cylinder ignition you might have to readjust this after.

Looks very slack and I would have no hesitation to replace the chain, just in case the worse happens.

Just for my own info......I take it there is no timing chain adjuster/tensioner on the fiat 126 bis....and when it's becomes stretched it's a case of replacement?

I checked mine recently using this mechanics method. Basically "If it takes more than 7degrees of crankshaft rotation before the distributor shaft moves or rotates, you have excessive timing chain slack" 

It's much like the backlash on a lathe cross slide.

I'm no expert but I would go with Chris, replace it.


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