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Help please - I'm assembling 126 years after I've stripped it down

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This is my first post on this forum for over 8 years, so it feels like I need to say hello and re-introduce myself: Hello!

Where do I start? Some time ago (when I was still young) I've had a brilliant idea to strip my 126 to bare shell and restore the shell. Which I did. And then nothing happened... I kept moving the shell with all the bits with me as I moved houses but I always had something more burning to do than assemble the shell. However, the time has finally come.

I've put the engine and gearbox in place, put together rear suspension, and started connecting electrical items. And this is where I need help. In my wisdom, when stripping the car I've binned all the little bits of plastic, screws etc. So now I'll need a bit of help to guide me into how things should be put together and what bits I'm missing.

First front headlamps.

I've got headlamps (as attached) and bare shell (also attached).
IMG_0367[1] by Maciej Cze, on Flickr
IMG_0368[1] by Maciej Cze, on Flickr

What am I missing, and how does assembled parts look like? A photo would be great!

 :welcome Back Mali, your missing the adjuster screws that the headlights pop into

Thanks Pete126!

a bit more browsing and it looks like I'll need 4 of those:

and 4 of those:

Is that it?

More questions to come - no doubt!

Yes those are the ones :)

Bar Vitelli:
Good luck with putting it all back together, it's a wonderful story and great that you are saving your 126 and getting it back on the road! Please keep the pictures of your rebuild coming, I'm hoping to learn a trick or two!  ;)


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