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The car's engine stalls/dies whilst driving. When the engine stopped, I tried to start it whilst still moving by pressing, and then releasing the clutch and pressing the gas slightly. It did not start. When the car ground to a halt. It started on the third try using the ignition key. Everything seemed normal again, until the following day. The engine stopped again whilst on the move. I pushed the car to the side. This time it would not start. The engine was turning fine, but would not start. After an hour, it started again. it drives normally again - strange.

What could be the problem? Is it the fuel pump and /or coil? Proeitti gave it a full service back in May 2016. Can you help?

Rusty's Uncle:
Sounds like it could be rust in the fuel tank.

Hi Rusty,
Many thanks. I'll have it checked.I'll probably change the fuel pump and coil, both of which are readily available. Is the fuel pump a simple bolt-on job? Is the coil make/model specific to a Fiat 600D?

I've got a spare coil from for my Bis, though its shape isn't cylindrical. The connectors are different as well.

 Do you know what this full service by Proietti has included?
 I would start with checking the carburetor and valve clearances.


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