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another vid of our 126 in action

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Ive done another small video of our 126 on its travels lol :) I might do some longer, better ones with more chatter just for fun  :D

What a day to take it out!!

Cool Vid

Excellent video Mintex we wait for the next installment :thumbup

cheers guys, it was a little cold but it was better than the other day when it was throwing it down.
Ive been using the fiat for work all this week and tomorrow so it deserves a treat the weekend  :D

Did I hear that radio presenter correctly ? WHAT!!! time of the day was this ? [shudder]

It's time's like this, with good worthy folks like you braving the perils of these icy mornings to get to your work, that makes me appreciate just how wonderful it is to be retired.

I may be on life's scrapheap now, but it's a lying-in-bed, warm-and-snuggled-up-in-the-blankets scrapheap  :yahoo:


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