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Title: jumpin out of 1st
Post by: Maddog on January 21, 2006, 02:44:34 PM
loaned my 126 aircooled to my bud as he needed something easy to park in town and the doss git has broken it, car now wont stay in 1st, I understand this is a common fault and was wondering what the likely cause is, selector fork?? where can I get the bits to fix, is there anything else that is likely to need done in the box.

I dont want to strip it before ordering parts as the car is still being used.

also is the box easy to drop?, how are the driveshafts held in on these little buggers?

any advise greatly appreciated,.

cheers,  Richie
Title: jumpin out of 1st
Post by: fiatfsm on January 21, 2006, 06:20:11 PM
the box is really easy to get out, the only fiddly bit being starter motor removal. Driveshafts are held onto hubs by a simple bolt arangement, however if you need to seperate them from the box then thats a gearcase split job, not much fun! whilst youve got the box out, check around the input shaft for oil leaks, there is a bush in there that can let oil past it, personally I would replace it anyway.
Title: jumpin out of 1st
Post by: PaulB on January 24, 2006, 04:42:21 PM
Worst case - your mate has stripped first gear of teeth - easily done if they don't realise that 1st isn't an option on the move. In that case its a full strip down and replacing the gear (available cheap from axel gerstl) - not an easy job.

Best case- reset the gear lever - an easy job - follow haynes  - it may just be as simple as that.
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