Author Topic: For Sale: 1973 RHD M-Reg Fiat 126 ; Earliest Survivor in UK  (Read 1959 times)

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For Sale: 1973 RHD M-Reg Fiat 126 ; Earliest Survivor in UK
« on: October 01, 2009, 09:40:33 PM »
It’s with a heavy heart that I have to consider saying goodbye to my stunning little Fiat 126 :cry:. It’s given me a summer of amazing fun motoring, a real head turner and a complete pleasure to run around in, I’ve enjoyed taking it to classic car shows and letting others enjoy it as much as I have, it’s nothing but a conversation starter wherever you go.

Believe me, if I have to sell its reluctant to say the least, however, due my own business picking up (desperately need a modern van to expand it), and a recent domestic move meaning I no longer have use of the garage for the winter, i think now might be the time :(

Potted history:-
The car was first registered on 01.08.73 and then last road taxed in November 1978. Basically it then laid up until the car was then re-furbished and put back on the road in 2008, i.e. after a 30 year rest!

The Fiat 126 went on sale in July 1973, there are only a handful of pre 1975 models left in existence let alone many 1973’s and this one is officially the oldest 1973 registered to the road as at July/Aug 2009, I have a letter from the DVLA to prove this. In fact she was built as long ago in Italy as May 1973, letter from Fiat UK with chassis and batch number to prove this too.

No expense spared by myself or the previous owner, between us we’ve done too much to list (but I have had a go below) in last 18months to get this little baby running and looking as sweet as possible. She starts on the button (well lever), uses zilch oil and the original aircooled 594cc lump just sounds and runs brilliant, no nasty noises or smoke etc. runs through all the gears fine and is actually surprisingly nippy to drive, so in summary drives great.

Jobs done….
-Head gasket
-new battery
-points, condenser, dist cap/rotor, spark plugs
-fuel pump/filter
-engine oil/filter cleaned out
-fuel tank removed and cleaned out
-carb cleaned and re-sealed
 -front brake cylinders/shoes
-rear brake cylinders/shoes
-all brake flexi hoses
-all brake pipes
-brake master cylinder
-throttle cable
-choke cable
-have spare clutch cable
 -4 new tyres
-refurb wheels, nice early style ones – like the ones on the 500
-electrical work – fuse board, looms, wiring points replaced/upgraded
- new headlining
- replaced quarterlight catches
- deep clean/restore of interior.
- chrome bumpers re-polished and re-fitted correctly
- nice chrome clip on door mirror, in period to car
- classic black and silver show plates.

I challenge anyone to find one better of this age, this car is absolutely mint. Totally solid throughout with absolutely no structural rust, there is no bubbling or blistering paint, the small amount of paintwork done was surface stuff only and was treated professionally. The paint itself “233L – Bianco” is really shiny throughout.

Is again absolutely mint, when I acquired the car it had lost its headlining and bits of glue and gunk from the roof had stuck itself all over the seats/floor, after painstaking cleaning/restoration she now sports a re-fitted headling in white leatherette. the cleaned up black vinyl seats have no rips, tears or marks, all looks smart and is 100% original.

Mileage – Incredible 11,000miles from new (sadly unwarranted due to lack of paperwork from its early life but not hard to believe given the overall condition!)
Mot – End April 2010
Tax – End Oct 2009

A true classic. There can’t be many cars out there now that appreciate rather than depreciated but this one is a good future candidate, only have to see how much original Fiat 500’s make these days (5-7K for a minter, ridiculous!) to see where this is heading too eventually!  I have had an independent insurance valuation received of £3,250, but obviously I remain realistic and wouldn’t look to cling on to that kind of money just yet in today’s market...I am looking for around £2,750 though and honestly think its worth every penny of that sort of money as it wants for nothing and is a unique show quality car.

As you can tell I have become a true fiat convert since owning and I really really don’t want to sell it, in fact I just know I am going to regret doing so one day, but needs must at this time and I have to be realistic to my business and personal needs.

I suspect this wont be my last 126, maybe before long I can stretch to a slightly later aircooled (de-ville or sunroof model ideally) project, if you have one now and would like to trade up to this one I would obviously be keen to hear from you.

Sorry for the novel of detail, but at least if I get all the bumph down here then hopefully I will only get serious interest/offers and not have to repeat everything too much. Obviously PM me or leave a message on here if you want more info or my number to arrange to come and have a look, I am based near Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Thanks. Dan

Ps: Will add some recent pics on weekend


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Re: For Sale: 1973 RHD M-Reg Fiat 126 ; Earliest Survivor in UK
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2009, 06:35:34 PM »
I saw this car in car and classic with tons of pictures via a link. The car looks absolutely mint. Is there any chance of a reduction on the price? :-


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Re: For Sale: 1973 RHD M-Reg Fiat 126 ; Earliest Survivor in UK
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2009, 01:59:15 PM »
Hi, thanks for interest but i wouldnt reduce price by much...needless to say its fair when you think how much a 70's mini or a Fiat 500 in this condition would be worth by comparison!! i have organised a garage through a mate now so i am in not in a huge rush to sell, least i know she'll be all good in the garage and not out deteriating in the great british winter! maybe look to sell again later next year depending on our needs at the time, cheers. Dan


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